What are Spiedies?

Spiedies originated in Binghamton, NY when Italian immigrants brought over cuts of meat such as lamb and beef in the early 1920’s. They were marinated, cubed, grilled and typically served with home made freshly baked bread. As they gained popularity, chicken became the go to meat. We pay our respects to the original creator, Augie Lacovelli who first served Spiedies in his restaurant in Binghamton, NY in 1939.

Spiedies started to spread through the region as they were introduced to the NYS fair in 1976 by Salamida. Since then Spiedies have become a nostalgic favorite. Since 1983 the Spiedie fest and hot air balloon rally in Binghamton, NY has been a celebrated favorite and is currently one of the largest balloon rally’s in the nation.

We have taken this humble marinated chicken and paired it with creative menu options that accentuate the flavors of this small town favorite. Our housemade spiedie sauce is one of a kind and will not disappoint. We stayed true to its Italian roots and will be featuring authentic Neapolitan brick oven pizza, sizzling fire roasted pasta dishes, fresh and fun salads and of course freshly baked bread for our sandwiches. Spiedies plus grill equals delicious!!

Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team that grew up near Binghamton, NY where a spiedie option was in virtually all the local restaurants. We would grill them up at parks for picnics and they were a staple in summer cookouts. When we moved to the Fingerlakes region we were so disappointed to discover they practically don’t exist here. We have been in the food industry most of our lives and as we gained knowledge and skills from a variety of exceptional people, we knew it was time to take a chance and hope people here love Spiedies as much as we do. If you don’t love them yet we vow to make you a fan! With the help of some incredible people we are now able to make Spiedies a local favorite of the Fingerlakes.

What Do We Do?

We commit to providing delicious made from scratch food, exceptional customer service and kindness in a quick, casual environment. The value that we place on our customers and our employees is exceptional. We encourage our customers and employees to embrace the creative process and value each persons ideas and assets. We strive to make everyone feel welcome, appreciated and connected. Here at SPIEDIElicious we like to think that everyone has a significant role to play. Whether it be the local painters hired to to help spruce up the restaurant, the farmer that grew our tomatoes, the beekeeper that lovingly harvested the honey we use, to the employee that went above and beyond to make a customers day a little brighter. We truly love what we do and if we can spread just a little bit of happiness, inspire those around us to follow their dreams and extend a sincere and heartfelt appreciation for each and everyone’s contributions and abilities, we will consider ourselves successful! And of course generate some new Spiedie fans!



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