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Jeremy about 9 hours ago

The Classic

I'm from the Binghamton area and grew up on spiedies. These are different then them but absolutely great. I'm going to bringing my friends from Binghamton here.

Ellie 4 days ago

That Dude

It was my first visit & I will definitely return. My sandwich was delicious......very tasty & generous portions. Glad to have you in the neighborhood 👌

Buzzy1017 8 days ago

The Classic

This was out first visit, and we are hooked! Tried the Classic and the Secret Garden Salad. So good! Great portions, great flavor, can't wait to try other menu items!

Lisacalessi 15 days ago

The Nice Girl

Absolutely delicious blend of flavors. Very generous portion!! So Good

Jnicoletti1 20 days ago

Mac n Cheese

I just loved it,I like to add a little bit of the Speedie meat to each bite, super combo. Will come back many more times. Thanks, I also the people who work there, they take the time to get to know you, and that's really special.

Ssadler4220 27 days ago

That Dude

Sandwich was great! Huge helping and tasted delicious!

Lhamilt1 28 days ago

That Dude


Roz about 1 month ago

The Classic

First time. Awesome!!

Deanaalloco about 1 month ago

That Dude

All I can say is WOW!! This was the most amazing compilation of flavors, I can't wait to come back and try something else on the menu 🙂 Deffinate 5 ⭐ rating!

Mwinters028 about 2 months ago

The Wild West

I'm from the Binghamton area and grew up eating spiedies on salad and pasta, right of the skewer and the classic way, in a sub. But this awesome couple takes it to another level. The marinade is perfect, leaving the chicken flavorful and moist. The corn relish and peach jalapeno relish are perfectly paired with the generous sized spiedies and add another level of flavor which compliments the hero of the sandwhich, the spiedie. The bacon topping... Yea it's bacon, can't go wrong with bacon. Holding all of this deliciousness together was a hand made pita. I would, without a doubt, get this again, if not for "The Tom Boy" calling my name. To be honest, even if the sandwhich was just ok I would still be back as the service was out of this world. The staff was fun, energetic and inviting. They even let my kids pick the music and then sang along with them to "You're Welcome".

Kzep913 about 2 months ago

The John Doe

This pizza was delicious! The flavors are fresh and work great together. I will definitely be going back again for this!

Katiestroyer about 2 months ago

That Dude

such good tasty and interesting flavours!! love this place and am so happy they are right here close to home!

Larry about 2 months ago

Dantes Peak

I had the Dante's Peak pasta and loved it. Wonderful flavor profile, abundance of food for more than one person. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Look forward too our next visit. Thank you

Cgizzi about 2 months ago

Marinated Grilled Chicken Spiedies

Delicious. It was huge. Very nice place, but needs a sign near road as you would not know it is there. Only negative was young people working were loud and very immature as their friends were customers there. Would definitely go back, probably for takeout though.

Mavrick34 about 2 months ago

The Veggie

I will start by saying that my wife and kids and everyone else we have made aware of this outstanding place is absolutely in love with the quality, wonderful service and overall unmatched experience we have had countless times now. Just purely can't say enough good things about the food. We have ordered a lot of different things on the menu have have had our hair blown back by every single item! I have never ordered a vegetarian pizza until a few weeks ago and it was so good I think I was moaning with every bite!! We also just ordered a cheese pizza just to see if it really could be that good because of the quality of everything else and welp guess what it was amazing as well let that sink in a cheese pizza simple yet way above the bar. Now for the sandwiches they are something that can make your head spin with joy such great flavor combinations and the homemade bread is stunning and always on point. So in closing the point I'm trying to get to is everything has been above and beyond what is offered anywhere I have been in a long long time near or far and the consistency is remarkable. We have loved everything from the apps to the pastas, salads, pizzas and even the ice is the best you can get, trust me it's that good ice! So thank you SPIEDIELICIOUS!!! From all of us keep doing exactly what your doing!!! Thank you! M. Inzinga

Anancj about 2 months ago

That Dude

We have tried all of the sandwiches 3 of the pizzas and one pasta so far. There is not one that we can choose because all of them are fantastic. So thrilled you choose Webster to open your restaurant.

Ckwantsu13 2 months ago

Blood Orange

tryout all their items been their two time long way to go but the food was great worth the trip had pizza ,spiedies tried a pasta dish All the food was great staff was friendly and restaurant was clean

Kelli 2 months ago

That Dude

Freakin awesome - I loved everything about this place. Great atmosphere, eco-friendly, fun vibe, creative menu, delicious food. My hubbie and I cannot wait to come back!

Katieegiordano 2 months ago

Marinated Grilled Chicken Spiedies

The chicken in the sandwich was so moist and the bread was so fresh. The marinade is 👌

Thegame2five 2 days ago

The Wild West

It's the real deal. From the bread to the meat. Totally authentic Spiedie. Thank God for the owners who opened this place up!

Elguerotejano 5 days ago

The Classic

Who would have thought the best Spiedie in the world would be so far from the southern tier? I've had it all from Zi Zi to Lupos and am absolutely addicted after my first bite. Color me impressed!

Carin 10 days ago

That Dude

This sandwich is fantastic. Great flavors and love the portion size as well!

Usukisses 20 days ago

The Dude Ranch

My family and I come here quite often! We have had most items on the menu, from salads to sandwiches, pizza and even deserts, and we haven't been disappointed yet! :) the employees are always friendly and we love seeing the brick fire oven and watch our meals being made! We also love the fresh ingredients at a good price, definitely recommend to anyone in the Rochester area to try :)

Michellewebb 24 days ago

The Breezy Caprese

Definitely a favorite of mine! And the bonus, it's a good amount of food for a good price.

Tmltml13 28 days ago

The Nice Girl

Someone in our family came home with one Nice Girl and one Classic and with the big family we have, I devoured my portion. I knew we needed to get these again as I craved the sweet, creamy coleslaw that was piled on top of the Nice Girl. You get the crunch of the walnuts, the tang of the marinade from the spiedies, and the fresh taste of the baked bread all in one bite. The spiedie sandwiches are packed to the top and 100% satisfying. I leave every time wanting more. Definitely a new favorite lunch stop.

Fullen about 1 month ago

The Classic

Marinated and cooked well. Very generous portion! Clean restaurant with friendly staff. ( initially they were a little hard to find) 4 1/2 stars!

Mblmbl13 about 1 month ago

The Nice Girl

Absolutely delicious! Loved the homemade bread, the coleslaw topping, and the walnuts!

Mwinters028 about 2 months ago

That Dude

My four year old daughter ordered this sandwhich (she has a sophisticated palette for her age) and she loved it! I tried it as well and the sweetness of the apple butter and berry basalmic drizzle played very nicely with the saltiness of the cheddar cheese and the marinade. A creative mix of ingredients which resulted in a delicious sandwhich.

Kzep913 about 2 months ago

The Crimson Tide

Our 2 year old son had this dish for dinner. He could not get enough! Our daughter thought it looked so good that she had some too!

Bagels45 about 2 months ago

The Dude Ranch

Awesome food and great staff.

Hw4469 about 2 months ago

The Classic

OMG~Delicious! I'm a girl from Binghamton where Spiedies originated and let me tell you - this was AMAZING! The food here does not disappoint! I give it 5-stars!

Larry about 2 months ago

The Cheesy Guy

My grandson had the cheese guy pizza and said it was the best pizza he ever had.

Mark about 2 months ago

The Classic

Our first time there. Also enjoyed 2 apps. Excellent flavors, service and portions. Plan to go again very soon.

Kristin about 2 months ago

Marinated Grilled Chicken Spiedies

Love this place! Ordered Spiedies and Broccoli, delicious inexpensive and healthy. The atmosphere was great, staff was friendly. Defy will be back soon.

Mark about 2 months ago

That Dude

I had the That Dude sandwich, my wife had the Good Ol Ranch salad, and we shared a side of butter and herb roasted corn. Every bite was delicious. The food was cooked to perfection, and very satisfying. I brought part of my sandwich home, and- believe me, I have a HEARTY appetite, Very impressive. We'll be back and we'll be telling family and friends!

Arnold 2 months ago

The Classic

Fantastic food, and a great value for the portion size. The only place to get a proper spiedie in Rochester!

Snufgirl001 2 months ago

Bet The Farm

Ok so in looking to keep our mother daughter relationship alive :) & after carefully reviewing the menu here - I KNEW this would touch my daughters sole lol and it did. She had the Bet the farm pasta while I had the Peacekeeper pasta ohhhh my god we sampled each others and as much as we wanted to and could have easily switched and equally enjoyed - we stayed with our original orders but VERY VERY tasty - restaurant was clean and nice and staff & service was great. Will def. b returning, if only for take out - either way WILL be back.

Dougdohr 2 months ago

The Cowboy

The Best, the Peach-Jalapeno Jam is killer and the bread is so Fresh! Pro-Tip add carmelized onions for a meal to remember.


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